Why a meditation system?

Meditation isn’t just the preserve of Eastern religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism.  The act of meditation is an innately human process and is gaining popularity throughout the Western world for its many benefits.  Check out our Science page for a list of significant benefits with research links.  It can be done simply for itself, not as required by a spiritual or religious practice.  The MeditationWare Meditation System is all you need for great meditation.

So, forget that clichéd image of monks meditating on a hilltop, contemplating life.  Meditation is a skill available to anyone.

Back to the central question – why a meditation system? There are many ways to achieve the meditative state and an equal number of methods for achieving the desired outcome from a session. This is where our meditation system comes in.  Unlike traditional meditation practices, it requires no training, beliefs or intense practice.  Just sit in a comfortable chair, listen and get the many benefits meditation has to offer!  What could be easier?

System Contents:

Four recording styles:

  • Relaxing music
  • Guided meditation
  • Ambience
  • Pink noise + ambiance

Flexible session lengths:

  • 14-minute starter sessions
  • Progressive sessions (+2 minutes per level)
  • Three extended sessions (in the “Complete” membership)
  • Level 1 includes seven tracks – Levels 2-10 includes 11 tracks (High-quality MP3 recordings)


The system is ultra flexible.  The base session length is 14 minutes, with 2 minutes added per level. Level 10 is 32 minutes.   We realize that long sessions are not suitable for everyone, and provide 14-minute sessions of the four styles with each level.  It is also very suitable for experienced meditators.

How to use it:

We recommend beginners to follow the progressive path – start with the base 14-minute session at level 1 with two extra minutes per level.  Someone experienced in meditation or Brainwave Entrainment may choose to start at a higher level.  We recommend starting with level 6 or 7.

Take a look at our FAQ for useful tips and information.


We recommend using a good pair of headphones with our meditation system.  Firstly, it makes the Brainwave Entrainment more efficient.  Secondly, one of the significant issues with standard meditation practice is finding a quiet environment.  Headphones, especially the noise reducing variety, cut out external noise and distractions.

Headphones make it possible to meditate in places that would normally be too loud or distracting – for instance, on a bus or a plane!  Experienced meditators can do this, but it is a difficult skill to master.

The system is still effective if listened to on regular stereo speakers, but less so than headphones.

How it works

Science and research show that our brains work on different frequencies. Our natural alert waking frequency is Beta in the 16-30hz range.  Studies show that successful deep meditation happens around the border line between alpha and theta (7-8hz).  The aim of this system is to train the brain progressively to go down to that ideal meditation frequency.

On completion of the ten levels in this system, you will be able to get as much out of a meditation session as an experienced Zen monk, but in less time!

The core of the meditation system is Brainwave Entrainment.  This technology guides the brain frequency to a desired state using subtle beats and tones integrated into the recordings.  Check out our science page for more information.