How is your meditation system different from other meditation practices?

Most meditation practices require the meditator to focus their attention on something in the present moment:

  • The breath (in and out)
  • A mantra (a repeated word or phrase)
  • An object (often a candle is used)

The purpose of this focus on the present moment is to slow down and eventually focus the mind solely on the present moment.  It is a simple process, but often hard for the beginner, and can take 10-15 minutes of the meditation session to achieve.

Our meditation recordings are designed to relax brain frequency to that of a meditator.  Without actively thinking about it, the mind reaches that state, but in a far shorter time than a regular meditation session.  Also, the stimulus keeps the mind at that sweet spot for the entire meditation session.  No wasted time, good quality deep meditation.

In other words, achieve deep meditation in less time!


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