Crying After Meditation

Feeling like crying after meditation is not unusual, or indeed something to be ashamed or worried about.

Not everyone experiences this. Yet it is a fact that we all keep strong emotions and traumas hidden (or trapped) within our subconscious minds.  Whether an experienced or beginner meditator, at some point you’ll most likely feel unbidden strong emotions during or after meditation.

Meditation causes emotions to bubble to the surface, into the view the conscious mind.

The most important thing to remember – Don’t let it scare you!

How To Cope With Emotions

This is part of meditation purification. It is a natural part of the process and helps with emotional stability and general mental health.  Many research papers show how regular meditation improves mental and physical health.  Take a look at our science page.

That said, it can feel disturbing, and if you feel particularly stressed, consider abstaining from meditation for a day or two.  Put a mental ‘pin’ in the emotion, for later reference. Feeling strong emotions can be an indicator of something that is troubling you in the present or an unresolved problem from the past.

You may also consider meditating on the troubling emotion and attempt to ‘chase it down the rabbit hole’.  Treat it as self-discovery and enjoy the journey.  And if you do feel like crying after meditation, just cry.  It is the perfect way to dissolve emotions.

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