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Change Your Mindset With Meditation

What Is A Mindset? We are not born with mindsets, they develop throughout our lives. But our fundamental mindsets develop during our childhood. For example, if our parents are nurturing and positive, the mindsets we develop will be nurturing and positive. Conversely, if our parents are negative and discriminate, these bad influences color our mindsets and most likely affect us throughout the rest of our lives. Of course, there are many other things in life that affect and build our mindsets during childhood: traumatic experiences, school, teachers, friends. If we’re lucky, we’ll end up and as well-adjusted teenagers/adults, but that’s
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History of Meditation

A Brief History Of Meditation These days Meditation gets heavy coverage in both online and print media.  Though you may think of it as a modern new-age practice, in reality, the history of meditation dates back at least  5000 years to Eastern religions, such as Hinduism. Other forms of meditation developed in both China and Japan. Meditation techniques used in Hinduism tend to be more complicated than Buddhism including Yoga practices, such as Hatha. Due to their simplicity, Buddhist meditation techniques are the most popular today.  For example, the technique used in Mindfulness is an adaptation of Buddhist Vipassana meditation.
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