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Young woman lying on grass enjoying the benefits of meditation. Meditation may help a person to modify their negative mindsets.As the coronavirus pandemic is heavily affecting the planet, it’s inducing a considerable degree of fear, worry, and concern. The lockdown and quarantine imposed because of the pandemic have affected many people’s usual activities, routines, or livelihoods. As a result, depression, levels of loneliness, harmful alcohol and drug use, and suicidal behaviour or self-harm are also on the rise. Therefore, the mental health and well-being of people have become a major concern all over the world – more people than ever are discovering the benefits of meditation.

The good news is performing meditation has proven to be very helpful in a situation like the global pandemic. It is found that meditation can strengthen immunity, reduce anxiety, and help to get a good night’s sleep. Mindfulness meditation helps people by teaching them how to be present and engaged at any moment and having an awareness of feelings without disruption. The practice involves learning our emotions and thoughts without reacting to them.

Studies have found that practicing meditation relaxes the sympathetic nervous system so that we become calmer and less impulsive. Mindfulness meditation teaches us how to focus on the underlying core emotions and make them the primary object of our thought. Hence we’re more likely to make decisions we won’t end up regretting. It’s not something that has the most power over us, but is directed at exploring the structure of our inner feelings.

To keep calm, many individuals turn to alcohol or other vices to blunt pain and emotions. So many people are feeling various degrees of fear in the current environment and consuming alcohol initially brings calm. However, the trouble is while it may help in the short term, it usually leads to addiction and ill health. A study published in the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology suggested that just 11 minutes of mindful meditation may help even heavy drinkers cut back on alcohol. Click here to read about the scientific benefits of brainwave entrainment and meditation.

Conflicts or old resentments often become amplified during times of high stress. It is found that meditation can facilitate access to deep and lasting inner peace and happiness. Developing a mindful relationship with our inner emotions sets up a complete environment that facilitates transformation, resolution, and healing. Taking part in a meditation session can help move us into a place where we are better able to tolerate the situation and react to others with more patience.

Coronavirus has all of us stressed out as we continue to navigate a sea of uncertainty. One research published Globalization and Health found that the global pandemic has been directly responsible for increased stress, anxiety, and depression in people and communities around the world. A very effective way to maintain our mental well-being is mindful meditation. Globally, the popularity of meditation is increasing as more people discover its remarkable benefits.

Meditation Health Benefits

Health BenefitsResearch Link
Improved immune functionAlterations in Brain and Immune Function Produced by Mindfulness Meditation

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Happiness BenefitsResearch Link
Boost positive emotionsOpen hearts build lives: Positive emotions, induced through loving-kindness meditation, build consequential personal resources

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Social BenefitsResearch Link
Improve emotional intelligenceLoving-kindness meditation increases social connectedness.

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Improve compassionEnhancing Compassion: A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Compassion Cultivation Training Program

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Self Control BenefitsResearch Link
Anger managementA randomized controlled trial of compassion cultivation training: Effects on mindfulness, affect, and emotion regulation

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Productivity BenefitsResearch Links
Increase focus and attentionMindfulness meditation improves cognition: Evidence of brief mental training

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Improve multitaskingInitial results from a study of the effects of meditation on multitasking performance

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Brain BenefitsResearch Links
Increase grey-matterThe underlying anatomical correlates of long-term meditation: Larger hippocampal and frontal volumes of gray matter

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